My jooj bulletin board is a great service where you can sell or find anything at a bargain price and in good condition. This platform saves you time and money, here you can rent the required nameplate in Ukraine. One of the categories that is in demand is special equipment. The following are offered for sale from this category:
  • walk-behind tractors, mini-tractors, which are in demand in rural areas, when you need to plow a garden, a field;
  • loaders;
  • truck cranes;
  • bulldozers;
  • dump trucks;
  • graders;
  • road rollers;
  • motor graders;
  • asphalt pavers;
  • concrete mixers;
  • trailers to the car.
This is only a small part of special equipment; water, air, military transport, buses or railway cars, agricultural and construction equipment can also be classified in this category.
As you have noticed, the technique is specific, the load on it is colossal, therefore, the vehicle must be inspected more thoroughly. 

What to look for when purchasing special equipment 

Many large companies can afford to buy new special equipment in Kiev, over time the special equipment is repaired, resold and can serve for a long time to subsequent owners.
Before buying special equipment, you need to carefully check everything, otherwise you risk buying a bunch of scrap metal. What to look for: 
  • depending on the complexity and volume of work, pay attention to the vehicle's power and carrying capacity;
  • price range, since this technique is not cheap, some sellers make concessions, offering installments or credit;
  • attachments, this is additional technical equipment that expands its functional capabilities, be sure to ask the seller what comes with special transport equipment;
  • check all documents, sales, lending, and loan repayment for special equipment.
It is best to come to the inspection of special equipment with a mechanic whom you trust, because you need to evaluate a vehicle not only visually. 

How to check a car before buying 

The vehicle should be assessed visually for dents, chips, rust in hard-to-reach places, machine wear. If you have attachments, assess its condition, integrity, presence of rust, do you want the excavator bucket to crumble before your eyes, when loading a lot of weight on it?
During the technical inspection of special equipment, pay special attention to the suspension, because it is on it that a large load goes, taking into account the volume of work of the transport and the off-road on which it moves.
Start the car, listen to the engine operation, whether there is no noise or suspicious knocking, the ease of its starting. Get behind the wheel, try the vehicle in motion. 

Buying a vehicle from the category of special equipment is a big investment and a big risk. Thanks to the my jooj message board, you can find exactly what you need and weed out unnecessary suggestions. We are for comfort, so a huge selection of agricultural and other special equipment can be viewed without leaving home.