Продаётся Борисполь 3

25 663 UAH


25 May
Продам AUDI Q3 S-line TDI Dnipro 8

725 904 UAH Negotiable

Dnipro, Амур-Нижнеднепровский

14 February
A car is always convenient and fast. Having your own car, you can travel, while away the time in a traffic jam is much better in a car with your favorite music than in a minibus, if the family has children - a car is a necessity. When choosing a used car, you need to know all the subtleties and underwater so as not to be fooled. 
On the all-Ukrainian bulletin board my jooj you can find a huge number of proposals for every taste and budget. To search for and buy a car in Kiev, the main thing is to determine your desires, and set the search parameters in the settings: region, car brand, body type, year of manufacture, mileage, price range, etc.
Having chosen the car you like according to the ad, you need to immediately inquire about the documents: 
  • vehicle passport;
  • registration certificate;
  • contract of sale;
  • specify if there is a loan, ask for a document on its repayment.
Thanks to these basic questions, you will protect yourself and filter out unnecessary ads. 

Choosing a used car 

When choosing a used car in Ukraine, you should pay attention to the following indicators:
  • price range (does it correspond to the declared characteristics);
  • mileage, a used car is normal, but it is worth paying attention to the number, ideally it is 60-70 km thousand km, very low indicators may indicate that the numbers are a little "twisted", high mileage makes you think about the deterioration of the car;
  • technical condition, it is good if the owner of the car went through MOT before putting the car on sale, but if the phrase "look under the hood" does not mean anything to you, take a mechanic with you for inspection.
  • operating conditions: do not take their word for it - check the service book. 

The nuances of passenger cars from the aftermarket

Do not hesitate to ask the seller-driver questions, ask about the operating conditions, who drove, and for what purpose the car was used. Also, a lot depends on the roads along which the vehicle was moving, the state of the suspension directly depends on this. Ask how much a person spends on car maintenance. Sometimes it's easier to buy a new car from the showroom than to repair a used one every month.
On the my jooj bulletin board you can not only buy, but also sell a passenger car in Ukraine. When you put your car on sale, become the seller from whom you yourself would like to make a purchase. Make your proposal correctly, give detailed information about the car, take high-quality photos. Describe the reason for the sale and possible technical problems.

Try to respond to ads quickly, provide additional information or photos, if requested by the buyer.


Remember that a good deal depends on the condition of the car by 70% and 30% on the customer's disposition. The sale of cars in Odessa has reached a new, more comfortable level thanks to such bulletin boards as my jooj. A good deal is great news not only for the seller and the buyer, but also for us.